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PR-Agentur für IT-Unternehmen mit B2B-Fokus | Public Footprint



Communication only has value when it is alive and tangible. Cross-media. Whether in conversation, on paper, on the Internet, on social media or, more importantly, at your company.

Our world is alive. Our communication is tangible.

We are a PR agency and we specialise in the digital age. We’ve been around the block a few times when it comes to creating B2B communications that leave a lasting impression. And nothing convinces more than tangible communication success.

Public Footprint. The tangible difference.




Who trusts us

We strive to create strong, sustainable structures and reject hectic activism. Our aim is to win the loyalty of our clients and then win it back time and time again by creating communications that target their audiences. For over ten years now we have been offering our clients a living world that they can shape tangibly. The fact that our clients remain loyal to us is our most resounding success.

When it comes to making complex things easy we are true B2B professionals.

Communication by professionals for professionals.

Case Studies


How we work

We master the complexity of the factors that influence and effect. We oversee and control the internal and external fields of activity in your presence from every conceivable angle. We take this approach, because only integrated corporate communication has the capacity to transform communication into tangible success.

Much like master musicians, our command over our instruments makes us specialists in our field. As an agency, our core competence lies in orchestrating our skills perfectly. We offer strategic advice, we design, we write, we support and we analyse. And we use advanced technologies and tools to do so. If we see fit, we also draw on our network of expert freelancers. So that we can concentrate on what is important: our journalists and, of course, the client.

You know your target audiences. We know how best to connect with them.


We view consulting as a holistic and transparent process. The process always starts with us listening hard and then asking intelligent questions afterwards.


We focus on the best practices in your market. We approach tasks in a structured manner and set priorities. Our approach is disciplined, both in terms of language, deadlines and budget.


We use language, structure and the vivid and playful functionality of the communications activities we undertake to create added value that is both aesthetic and emotional.


We are flexible and noticeably fast - both in our minds and in our behaviour. You will find us available any time you need us during the implementation phase.




What we can do

As a PR agency, we are convinced that quality and trust determine the real value of a statement. This empowers you to reach your target audience, and not just by turning up the volume or rotating the knob to a higher frequency. Our feet remain planted firmly on the ground, without having our head in the clouds. We take time for details and aspire to produce information, and not hot air. For good reason. From experience.

How can we help you?

Technology PR
Technology PR
We transform the added value that your technology gives to your customers into something individually tangible. Especially for high-tech innovations that only arouse interest if they offer recognisable added value. We speak directly to decision makers in business and technology about these things.
Online PR
Online PR
Short information paths, flat hierarchies, real opinions and permanent availability. Welcome to the digital world of dialogue! We identify online topics that affect your target audience. We talk to the right people and identify those channels with the best reach.
Social Media
Social Media
The playing field for social media evangelists like us is growing rapidly. We listen carefully and make the link between the rules of the social web and your objectives. On Facebook, Twitter, Xing, LinkedIn et al we reach your audience where they like to hang out.
Corporate Communications
Corporate Communications
We develop strategies which allow you to participate actively in opinion-building processes. We maintain the overview in the dialogue with the media, clients, organisations and an increasingly critical public.
B2B Communication
B2B Communication
We are experts in the intricacies of communication for B2B companies. We use tried and tested tools to manage communications and build structures and processes to develop storylines and position corporate brands with tangible success.
Content Marketing
Content Marketing
We help you to develop relevant content that people love to read, recommend and share on social networks.
For a better quality of reach, contact and leads - especially in B2B.




Who we are

Public Footprint is a PR and social media agency for the digital age.

We help companies to make the digital transformation, and make the success of this transformation tangible – without placing ourselves in the middle.

We are one of the first agencies to specialise in IT companies with a B2B focus, and we have more than 20 years of experience. Kai Leonhardt and Thomas Schumacher founded the agency in 2006. They have been working together as a team since 1996. As the managers responsible at the agency they have important characteristics in common:

Persuasiveness, assertiveness and authenticity – three requirements for credible communication that people trust.


…has a degree in business informatics and has also trained as a banker. In the early 90s, he rather stumbled into a job in the IT department at the networking giant Novell, where he eventually rose to become Press Officer EMEA. In 1996, he moved to Bertelsmann and then started his own business servicing clients like Lycos and Bertelsmann Telemedia. Kai can draw on over 20 years’ experience in PR and social media for IT companies, in the role of client, service provider and interim manager.

His strengths lie in thinking outside the box, breaking down normalised structures, giving lectures and presentations and social media. He likes wine, cigars, France and good food, and when he is not beavering away on a PR project, you will find him at a poker table in Hamburg, or relaxing somewhere out on the water, casting out a fishing line.

+49 1577 4709257


… has a MA in journalism, a certificate as a yoga teacher and a coffee barista diploma from the Cologne Coffee Academy. At the agency, he is primarily responsible for strategic topics, introducing new tools and developing new business ideas. His focus lies in writing understandable texts: in his articles, he succeeds time and time again in rendering dry technical topics in such a way that even employees from the company the article is about can learn something new from them. In the complex dance of details, he always tries to see the big picture. His mantra is: “Consider everything that causes stress an exercise in serenity.”

This approach also helps outside the office, which he gets to enjoy in an 80-year-old house, with a doting wife, two very sweet daughters and Eddie the dog. In his spare time … or, rather, during his rare breaks from this everyday ‘madness’, he cooks, does DIY, gardens, comforts, doctors, sings, plays, tinkers, reads, clears up, goes for walks with the dog and can sometimes be seen riding his bike through the Bergen countryside without any apparent aim.

+49 177 3343484

We want to get to know you!

Do you already know what you want? Or perhaps you are interested in some non-committal advice first?

Then, simply fill out the form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Mendelssohnstraße 9
51375 Leverkusen

E-mail: info@public-footprint.de
Phone: +49 214 830977-90
Fax: +49 214 830977-99

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